• Begin composing resource and referral guide that will promote the statewide network
  • Determine key stakeholders, board members and volunteers to establish agency
  • Create an annual, quarterly and monthly operating start-up budget
  • Brand the agency with consistency incorporating the mission, vision and purposes of WOW
  • Establish a development plan including website design, printed materials and outreach strategies


Join our statewide network and begin helping women affected by domestic violence across the state. Contact us to find out how you can contribute.

mission & vision

Empowering victims and survivors of crime through supportive self-worth opportunities, connected to a statewide network enabling direct services, promoting sustainability and independence.


Our network supports victims and survivors of crime as well as those affected by domestic violence - emotionally and financially. From therapy for domestic violence victims to providing everyday resources and support from our staff.


  • Establish a continuously updated resource and referral guide to connect to direct service providers, and other professionals needed to begin life after a violent crime
  • Provide positive empowering support and an individualized care plan to encourage proactive measures in recovery
  • Act as a supplemental resource when existing available resources are exhausted through a connected statewide network
  • Create clear communications and expectations between all entities involved in the care plan to ensure non-duplication of services and effective response time to sensitive high priority objectives defined in the care plan
  • Advocate self-worth through positive supportive volunteers and advocates
  • Encourage collaboration and multi-disciplinary approach to supportive networks linked directly to the individual
  • Promote physical well-being through exercise programs enabling survivors to regain their strength and self confidence after tragedy