Women’s Own Worth wants to recognize the outstanding commitment it takes from all of our dedicated friends that serve on our WOWapalooza committee. This group of outstanding women contribute countless hours to ensure our event is everything we dream of and more. We realize that their time is their most valuable asset. It’s an honor that they choose to contribute to our organization. Please take a moment to read a little about each of them. They truly deserve recognition for the community service that they are doing. These lovely ladies are a huge part of us being able to serve those in our state impacted by violence. Our board and the Arkansans we serve cannot thank them enough.


Isabella Moller

Isabella not only volunteers for Women's Own Worth but will act as our emcee for our WOWapalooza event.

Isabella Moller is a reporter for KARK 4/FOX16 news, who came to the Natural State in September 2015.

She came to Little Rock from WFFT in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she was a reporter.

When she’s not working, Isabella enjoys working out, traveling, and volunteering with Women’s Own Worth and the Junior League of Little Rock.

She’s a Chicago native that went next door for school becoming an Indiana Hoosier. Where she majored in Telecommunications. Now exploring all the south has to offer!

Isabella always knew she wanted to work with people, and pursued a career in television news because she can do just that. Meet new people everyday and tell their story.

Isabella Moller



Tonia loves that WOW helps others with the hard situations that happens in their lives brought about from someone else. She loves the high percentage of donations go to help those directly affected. Tonia Griffin is the owner and designer at Cross Iron Cottage an English bridal cottage, wedding venue, as well as, a residential builder. She is a mother of 10 children, grandmother of 11 children and married to Jess Griffin. Her motto is to “let love and light be your guide and drink English tea.”

I got involved because of a horrible tragedy that happened to my beautiful sister and she lived to tell about it and reach out to help others.


Delta Bost

My name is Delta Bost and I have served on the committee of Women's Own Worth for two years now. When I first heard about the organization it struck a chord with me because my mother was a victim of domestic abuse for a few years.  Domestic abuse affects everyone in the home.  I remember thinking we should both just run away but I didn't realize that it wasn't that easy.  Thankfully my mother was able to get away from the relationship that caused so much abuse.  But long after the physical scars heal; the mental scars remain.  I realize the importance of helping women and children who are or have been in these situations.  

Sometimes it feels like it is easier to just stay and take the abuse but that is what is so wonderful about organizations like WOW, they give hope to those who are hopeless.

 I am honored to be a part of such an incredible organization and I love hearing stories of healing.  It is a long process but it is so meaningful to those that are ready to move forward with their lives.

Kim Hillard Gullic

Kim Hillard Gullic

Nothing short of the superstars that help W.O.W. do great things for others, this mother, educator, adoption advocate, and foodie came to #WOWapalooza2018 committee fresh this year! When asked what she looks forward to the most her response, "Helping families start again is what I am super excited about in helping WOW. Giving women strength to pick up and carry their families to a new beginning gives us strength. This committee is comprised of incredible women with huge hearts. Their commitment and relationships in the community with business owners,legal and medical teams, and volunteers move mountains to help people in need. I am so honored to be a part of this group. Wait and watch what we can all do together!" warmed our hearts. 


Shannon Bledsoe-Newell

Not only is she an amazing single mother of five beautiful kids; two girls and three boys, She is also a survivor. When asked why she got involved Shannon answered: " I love the fact that I get to be a part of making a difference in lives and helping to empower women. It is so needed and I know first hand the impact the help and support has on women. I totally admire the women of WOW and want to be a part of giving back with this organization!" we celebrate your talents you bring to WOW and are happy to have you on our super star team!


Jane Evans

Evans is a 1978 graduate of the UA Little Rock Department of Nursing and a lifelong advocate for those in need. She joined UA Little Rock as a faculty member in 2011. Prior to teaching, she served as the executive director for the Arkansas State Hospice and Palliative Care Association. As a registered nurse of over 40 years, Evans has helped countless individuals through nursing, research, publication, education, and volunteerism.

Evans has been a volunteer with Women’s Own Worth since the nonprofit organization started in 2012 and has been highly involved with helping W.O.W.’s clients and fundraising.