Women’s Own Worth wants to recognize the outstanding commitment it takes from all of our dedicated friends that serve on our WOWapalooza committee. This group of outstanding women contribute countless hours to ensure our event is everything we dream of and more. We realize that their time is their most valuable asset. It’s an honor that they choose to contribute to our organization. Please take a moment to read a little about each of them. They truly deserve recognition for the community service that they are doing. These lovely ladies are a huge part of us being able to serve those in our state impacted by violence. Our board and the Arkansans we serve cannot thank them enough.


Isabella Moller

Isabella not only volunteers for Women's Own Worth but will act as our emcee for our WOWapalooza event.

Isabella Moller is a reporter for KARK 4/FOX16 news, who came to the Natural State in September 2015.

She came to Little Rock from WFFT in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she was a reporter.

When she’s not working, Isabella enjoys working out, traveling, and volunteering with Women’s Own Worth and the Junior League of Little Rock.

She’s a Chicago native that went next door for school becoming an Indiana Hoosier. Where she majored in Telecommunications. Now exploring all the south has to offer!

Isabella always knew she wanted to work with people, and pursued a career in television news because she can do just that. Meet new people everyday and tell their story.

Isabella Moller


Paige McFadden

Paige was born and raised in Little Rock, AR. After attending the University of Arkansas, she moved back to home to be an Interior Designer at Garver. She recently got married in February of 2016, shortly after her husband left for a 15 month deployment. His devotion to our country is what made her want to be more active in her own community. Women's Own Worth is a cause that she believes in and am grateful to be a part of.


Delta Bost

My name is Delta Bost and I have served on the committee of Women's Own Worth for two years now. When I first heard about the organization it struck a chord with me because my mother was a victim of domestic abuse for a few years.  Domestic abuse affects everyone in the home.  I remember thinking we should both just run away but I didn't realize that it wasn't that easy.  Thankfully my mother was able to get away from the relationship that caused so much abuse.  But long after the physical scars heal; the mental scars remain.  I realize the importance of helping women and children who are or have been in these situations.  

Sometimes it feels like it is easier to just stay and take the abuse but that is what is so wonderful about organizations like WOW, they give hope to those who are hopeless.

 I am honored to be a part of such an incredible organization and I love hearing stories of healing.  It is a long process but it is so meaningful to those that are ready to move forward with their lives.