Because of your kindness these individuals are making great strides in accomplishing their dreams. They are more than deserving of this Hand Up.


Recipients of 2019 Higher Ed. Scholarships attending

University or Arkansas

Bowen School of Law

Arkansas State university

Arkansas Tech university

Saline County Nursing 

Univ. of Ar at Little Rock

Women's Own Worth is proud to announce the first Women's Own Worth Scholarship. Three Survivors of Violence will have an opportunity to BE AWARDED one $1,000 scholarship to attend school in the upcoming Spring or Fall Semester. All applicants must live in the state of Arkansas and ensure that they meet the criteria for the scholarship.


  • All Applicants must live in the state of Arkansas. 

  • All Applicants must be a survivor of violence.

  • All Applicants must agree to Women's Own Worth utilizing their essay, photo, award letter, etc. in the marketing of Women's Own Worth to help further spread the message of this organization.

  • All Applicants must LIKE the Women's Own Worth Facebook Page.

  • All Applicants must SHARE the Women's Own Worth Facebook Page.

  • All Applicants must submit and complete a 500-word essay via the link provided below.

  • Scholarships applications will OPEN again 2020.