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Jajuan Archer is a woman who knows her own worth and was willing to fight for it.  A small business owner and a mom who is devoted to her family, she had the fight of her life in the summer of 2011 when a relationship went bad.  Accosted at gunpoint by her ex boy-friend for the second time she had to make a life-saving decision.

Today Jajuan serves as a domestic violence speaker who wants to speak up to protect others. One in every three women is affected by domestic violence.  She wants the victims to learn to become victors and protect themselves and their families. She believes God protected her for a reason, and to that end Mrs. Archer started the non-profit W.O.W.- Women’s Own Worth. She wants to “Pay Forward” what God has given her--the strength to survive an awful ordeal and grow from it.

More than just a support group, W.O.W will offer individualized services for the victims of domestic violence. From emotional support, to financial support, therapy, and family programs, W.O.W is committed to making a difference in the lives of women whose lives who have been changed by the effects of domestic violence or violent crime.

Instead of going into hiding from her ordeal, Jajuan started active therapy and, as a domestic violence speaker, has been quite vocal in telling her story, as graphic as it may be, in the effort to possibly prevent such a tragic out come in another’s life.  She has spoken at several venues including the Arkansas State Capital for the Coalition Against Domestic Violence and at the California Endowment Center in Los Angeles to raise awareness of the effects of domestic violence. Archer was instrumental in the creation and passage of Act 488, a new law that requires Arkansas cosmetology students receive an hour of domestic violence and sexual assault awareness training.

Mrs. Archer has been blessed with the outpouring support of so many people in her life to help her overcome the effects of domestic violence.  This doesn’t happen with all victims so W.O.W. steps in to make the difference. Women’s Own Worth is growing daily because of its ever widening circle of supporters. Their mission is to empower Women to know their Own Worth.

"Instead of hiding from my past, I chose to live and fight for a life worth living. I've been so blessed, with so many friends, family and service professionals helping me without a second thought. It's my turn to give back and help women in need."





The board members of Women's Own Worth devote their spare time to finding and providing help for victims of abuse in Arkansas. They volunteer to help women who have been in abusive relationships or have been victims of violent crime. If you would like to volunteer to help women in Arkansas who have been victims of abuse, please contact us today.


Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca Reynolds, ACAAA’s Executive Director, has spent her entire career advocating for human rights. She began her career in Early Childhood Education as a Head Start teacher with NADC before moving on to accept the position of Executive Director for Family Violence Prevention in Batesville for over three years. As Development Coordinator at the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Rebecca drafted, advocated and successfully passed stalking legislation in the 89th Arkansas General Assembly.

Rebecca transitioned to ACAAA from her role as Cabot Program Administrator and Director of Waiver for Lonoke Exceptional Development Center serving individuals with disabilities. She holds an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education from UACCB and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management from the University of Phoenix. Rebecca is currently in the process of completing her Masters of Business Management and is an upcoming ROMA NCRI candidate. She is involved in a number of volunteer efforts including Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Hospitality Committee, Little Rock Zoo Wild Wines of the World Steering Committee, Special Olympics, Arkansas Housing Trust Fund and Arkansas Advocates For Children and Families Kids Count Coalition; she also serves as a board member for Womens Own Worth She previously served on the Real Images Board of Directors, Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence Board of Directors, Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault Advisory Council and Batesville Rotary Club Board of Directors.


Lize WilcoX

Lize Wilcox is a Forensic Chemist, who works at the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory in Little Rock.  She earned her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in chemistry from UALR.  She enjoys the challenges and rewards of performing complicated assays of confiscated illicit drugs from all over the State of Arkansas.  Her duties include repair and maintenance of complicated instruments.  She testifies all over Arkansas in criminal courts as to her findings.

Lize is a single Mom, who emigrated from South Africa 20 years ago.  She put herself through undergraduate and graduate school and works hard to create a stable, loving environment for her family, while holding down her full time job.  While she has had to overcome hardship and adversity to get to this point in her life, she is also driven by her need to help others who have not been able to achieve the same goals, setting both an example of what can be done, and having the willingness to do the things necessary to provide the support to others who are in need.